We are a set of young, energetic individuals who are dedicated in serving together with Lions Clubs to make our community a better place to live.


Work on your own initiative

At Leo Clubs, everybody is a leader. Leos initiate activities themselves and provide leadership in driving things.

Unleash the leader within yourslef

Leo program is filled with leadership and soft skills development programs to develop its members. From those, Leo Club members continuously improve themselves while serving the less fortunate.


Discover good friends

Young individuals always discover good friends through their Leo Clubs. We find working with friends fun, and it often brings us life time memories.

Engage with people

Leos get lots of experiences into their lives engaging different people everyday. In Leo Clubs, we get to see a broader layers of community. Lions always support and guide us.


A world of opportunities

Leo Club members find world of opportunities while engaging volunteer work. You can freely grab opportunities, or create them, Lions and your fellow Leos will always be their to support you.

Not only locally, but also internationally

Leo Clubs is an international movement. During the tenure in their clubs, Leos get the opportunity in interacting, getting recognized not only in locally, but in internationally as well.

Featured News and Events

Some featured activities done by Leos of Sri Lanka. Leos are actively serving their communities everyday.

Leo Walk 2013 – Follow Your Dream

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eo Walk is one of the major events in the calendar of Leo Multiple District…

Leos of Sri Lanka welcome their new members at Leo Mass Induction 2013

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Leo Mass Induction which was a multiple event this year was held successfully on the…

New prospects from all six Districts get educated at Leo Mass Orientation 2013

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Mass Orientation is the event where the new members of the leo family for the…