Multiple District President


Leo Lion Kesari Senevirathne PMJF

In 2018/2019 Leoistic Year, the dynamic yet the friendly personality of Leo Kesari is set to drive towards a victorious journey through encouraging the Leos of Sri Lanka to ‘Lead to Impact’!

She is the leader who led the Leos of Leo District 306 A2 in the Centennial Year of 2016/2017 towards ‘Excellence through Synergy’. In her presidency, a 100% membership growth was gained together with 07 new Leo Clubs and then receiving International Club Extension Growth Recognition while accomplishing all the district events gloriously together with her team.

This great Leo, started her Leo career by joining the Leo Club of Kalubowila in the year 2007/08. From there onwards she has held many positions in her club, district & as well as in multiple district levels. She has played the role of the Club Secretary in 2009/10, Club Vice President in 2010/11, and Club President in 2011/12 & as a Director of the club since 2009.

She was first invited to the District Council in 2011/12 as a District Editor in the District Editorial team. Since then she has held number of positions in the district level which included the Zone Director & Region Director of Leo District 306A2 & the Asst. Secretary to Leo Multiple District 306 in 2014/15.

Her capabilities were witnessed by the District Presidents back then and for her successful event organizing skills she was well-known as a ‘leader’ behind many success stories of District and Multiple. Some of them being, the Conference Committee Secretary 2011/12, Leo walk Coordinator 2011/12, Co-Chairman for International President’s visit 2012/13, Camp Committee Secretary 2013/14, Leo Olympics Coordinator 2013/14 & 2014/15 & also she took over the opportunity of being the Conference Chairperson of Leo District 306A2 in 2014/15.

She is the first, the youngest & the only Leo in Sri Lanka to be honored with Melvin Jones Fellow Recognition & Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow Recognition from the Lions International. The donations were made to One-Shot- One-Life program under LCIF to save 1000 lives from Measles. She was awarded with the Mahendra Amarasuriyan Fellow Recognition in Leo District 306 A2 as well.

Being one of the praiseworthy Leos in Sri Lanka, She has received a numerous awards .She was bestowed with The Most outstanding Club Secretary award, The Most outstanding Vice President award & The Most outstanding Club President award in three consecutive Leoistic years from 2009 to 2012.

She came to be the Most Outstanding Club President – 1st runner up in the Multiple by leading the club towards 30 awards in District and Multiple level while conducting more than 125 club projects and events.

She has also been awarded with the 100% club president award and ‘The most Youngest Service Oriented Global Contributor’ award from Lions District 306 A2 in 2012/13.

By becoming the Most Outstanding Line officer- Runner up in 2013/14 and the most outstanding council officer-runner up 2014/15 she proved her exceptional Leo values.

She was also one of those rare Leos who turned out to be among the top 10 Leos in 2013/14 and among the Top 05 Leos in 2014/15 of Leo District 306 A2. She has being continuously awarded with District Appreciation Awards from 2009/10, Multiple District Appreciation Awards & Lions District Governor’s Appreciation certificates since 2011/12.

Going through all these achievements, 2015/16 was the year which gave her the highest award a Leo could achieve in their Leo Careers. From being the Leo of the Year in the district as well in the multiple, ultimately she became a Leo of the World, making Leo Multiple 306 and our Leo District 306 A2 proud.

To do all these exceptional services, in her Leostic career her academic background was an asset to her. She is a proud product of Holy Family Convent, Colombo 04 & a Graduate with Double Major in International Business & Business Management at ACBT and was awarded as one of the top three ‘Batch Top’ in 2016. Presently, she is reading for her Master of Business Administration International at ACBT.

Just as the pioneer that stands in front of us today, she had been quite an all-rounder. And some of the records are, being a school senior prefect, emerging the overall winner in discussing the Global issues & business at the International Youth Forum organized by AIESEC, Sri Lanka, being an Affiliate member of Institute of Management of Sri Lanka (IMSL, 2017).

Behind her great conduct of life, there have been three main pillars, her beloved Father, Past District Governor Lion Kamal Seneviratne PMJF, Her treasured Mother, Leo Club Advisor Lion Lady Delrusha Seneviratne and her beloved sister, Marianna Dissanayake, a past Leo.