MDP Program

Spark Inspiration

MDP's Focus Areas

Encouraging Innovation among Leos

  • Drive Leos to conduct projects and practices which are new to Leoism and to the world itself. Thus, they will be constantly pushed to conduct projects that are sustainable in nature, and projects of great value at the same time.

Aim for sustainable membership

  • We believe that it is prudent to maintain a sustainable membership in the movement and retain an active membership.

Enhanced PR & branding

  • This year it is our goal to take Leoism to the next level in Sri Lanka. Thus as the multiple we are planning out few initiatives to garner significant attention to the movement and our Leos.

Quality Projects

  • Our ultimate goal is to conduct a set of projects that would generate positive social change globally.

Proposed Special Programs

  • Online Reporting Portal
  • Membership and Club Administration Portal
  • MYLEO Mobile Application
  • MYLEO Membership privilege card
  • Leo Youth Center Reservation System
  • District & Club Officers Symposium
  • Leadership Forum