Our response to COVID-19

Our response to COVID-19

Leo 5 - Point Drive for a safer and a sustainable tomorrow!

With the ongoing situation in the country, we would like to advise all districts to limit physical gatherings to help lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread during gatherings and events.

Due to the recent increase in cases, the government has enacted preventative measures, including curfews as well as travel restrictions. As responsible Young Leaders, make sure to educate everyone around your close vicinity to follow instructions of local authorities, including those related to physical distancing and face covering. Failure to respect preventative measures could result in involuntary quarantine or criminal charges.

Kindly adhere to this until the situation turns normal again. Furthermore, during this time, we believe that it is best that you encourage clubs to try out innovative projects that can be done virtually for the upcoming 2 months.

It is a challenging time period but let us together make it a treasure hunt to reap in harvest better than before. Below outlined is a 5-point drive which carries ample importance for better results in this crucial times,

1. Club Installations

Innovative drive is key so make use of online collaboration platforms such as Zoom, GotoMeeting, Google Meet to hold these events. Internet connectivity is highly available nowadays and the embedded camera in laptops could come handy for this in keeping interactions near Live.

Formal invitations via emails would save your time and money and you can easily get connected with your guests online as opposed to a physical meeting.

Significant financial saving could be gained by holding the event online. It is advised not to postpone club installations as the viability of physical gatherings is highly unlikely for the upcoming period.

Contact the Multiple District IT team for any clarifications and for any assistance relating to obtaining technical expertise.

Name E mail Contact
Leo Yasiru Nilan yasirun@leodistrict306a2.org +94 70 213 2850
Leo Pasindu Kavinda pasi_kavi@outlook.com +94 77 982 8875
Leo Chamindu Appuhamy chaminduilshan@gmail.com +94 75 549 8288

2. Orientations, the key to success

Our movement is all about its members. Content discussed at orientations gives an establishment to new individuals in being better assets to the movement. It makes them see how well a LEO will be groomed in both operational and strategic planning aspects, what their stay as members will be and gives them the comprehensive view of their club and the district. At the point when new individuals are appropriately mentored, they are bound to feel good with the club, gotten effectively associated with club’s exercises and stay being LEOs for quite a long time.

We as the Leo Multiple District 306 are willingly to provide you with all materials required for effective LEO training including resource persons as well. Let us know if you have any requirements and do not forget that this is the best time for effective orientations in a virtual environment. Make it a simple start if you have not yet planned, reaching individual clubs or Zone/Region level will be the best mode to start sharing the values of this wonderful movement.

3. Quality Administration

Leoism is about grooming Young Leaders. This is the best time to groom and prove that the New Generation of Leos are ever so ready to spark inspiration and lead. Make this the time to interact with each and every Leo of your District to fine tune administration basics with regards to standards in Reporting, Financial reporting, Knowledge on Protocol, Meeting Proceedings and more importantly the norms of Leadership in crisis situations. A simple effort may award you with thoughtful guides on how these could be orientated into Leos, contact the Multiple District Executives for any support on this.

4. Sustainability of Projects

Why gather when you can steer the needed parties. Educate Leo Clubs to hunt for details on potential areas or people whom need assistance in the long run. This is the time to strategize and make plans related to fund-raising by collating possible contact points and gearing up your portfolio. Push Leos to create financial plans, Work-Break-Down (WBD) documents, sponsorship proposals etc to strategize their impactful service ideas. A project could still be done with a reduced crowd giving importance to the key parts of Planning and Execution done by each and every Leo.

5. Be Inspired

We are an Inspired Set of Individuals whom possess the best support system, LIONS! Energize the Leos to reach their Lions Club members, emphasize the importance of communication and seek help towards future. Sustainable Membership drive is best supported by Lions so push Leos to discuss to acquire skills needed in equipping themselves to becoming better personalities in their academic and career lives. This inspiration will in turn build motivated individuals whom that will become leaders who serve with passion.

It is always our responsibility to Lead with example, thereby as a Multiple District, we will take and consider all favorable suggestions on behalf of all Leo Districts and Leo Clubs and let us have an emphasis on the evaluations to be done according to a health centric manner given the situation of the world as a whole.

Wishing you health and safety in these trying times!

For any concerns or assistance, we are more than happy to help. Reach us via below details at any time,

Name E mail Contact
MDP Leo Champaka Dammage champaka@leomd306.org +94 77 805 7243
MDVP Leo Dilshan Peiris dilshan@leomd306.org +94 71 576 5506
MDS Leo Mudith Jayasekara mudith@leomd306.org +94 77 733 6911
MDT Leo Lasitha Walisinghe lasitha@leomd306.org +94 77 725 5669