Origin of Leoism in Sri Lanka

In 1969, the first-ever Leo Club was inaugurated in Sri Lanka, the Leo Club of Wattala, comprising of a team of cricketers. This program became popular among Lions, after which they paved the way for many youths by launching more Leo Clubs. In 1978, the Lions Multiple had sufficient Leo Clubs to have Sub-Districts. The main reason behind the redistricting of the Leo Multiple was to ease administrative activities.

The Multiple 306 was divided into 306 A and 306 B. In 1989, the Sub-District 306 C was established through the combination of certain parts of 306 A and 306 B. The redistricting took place again in 2005 as the Multiple 306 was divided into 6 Districts A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. The Divisional Presidents of each District aimed at increasing their Leo member count while ensuring quality over quantity.

At present, over 200 Leo Clubs are located islands wide including Colombo, Jaffna, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Down-South, actively serving the community, with leading school and university Leo Clubs among them.

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Origin of Leoism in Maldives

The Leo Club extension program to the Maldives was an effort to empower and unveil new leaders in the Maldives while directing the Sri Lankan Leo Movement to a whole new arena.

Under the plan and direction of Multiple District President Leo Rahul Attanayake PFLM, the first ever Leo Club in the Maldives: the Leo Club of Malé was formed in 2023. The extension program and establishment of the new Leo Club were conducted as a project chaired by the District Vice President of Leo District 306 C2, Multiple District Council Officer Leo Lakisha Perera PFLM. This was a turning point for the Sri Lankan Leo Movement since it introduced young leaders to a new culture, a new community, and chances to develop future leaders in a new nation.