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Leo Multiple 306

Leo Multiple 306
Leos of Sri Lanka

Leo Multiple District 306

In the Leo and Lions Movement Sri Lanka is referred to as the Leo Multiple District 306. After 12 years from the initiation of the Leo Clubs, in 1969 the first ever Leo Club in Sri Lanka was inaugurated which was Leo Club of Wattala. The program became so popular among Lions, by 1978 the Lions Multiple had sufficient Leo Clubs to have sub districts and therefore Leo Multiple 306, Sri Lanka was sub-divided into 306A and 306B. In 1989 Leo District 306C was born as sub divisions of 306A and 306B.

The redistricting took place again in 2005 where the Leo Multiple 306 was divided into 6 districts namely Leo District 306A1, 306A2, 306B1, 306B2, 306C1 and 306C2.

Leo Multiple District Council is the governing body of 6 Leo Districts in Sri Lanka. It would facilitate the Leo district and club activities and provide an administrative framework for Leo clubs to work in harmony.

Currently the Leo Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka is consisting of more than 168 Leo Clubs with a membership of 7100+ Leos from all over the island.

For the fiscal year 2022/2023 Leo Rahul Attanayake serves as the Multiple District President who is leading the Leo Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka to make an impact.